Corporate Customers
Offering corporate taxi service in Moscow to corporate customers.

You can get our rates, agreement form and more information from your personal manager Olga Usacheva at +7 (495) 601-5-601 from 10:00 a.m. till 6:00 p.m. on weekdays.

Do you have high aspirations? The quality of OTRA corporate taxi service meets your requirements!

Some emotional boosting is needed to be in the good mood for doing business for a long time. OTRA is the reliable chauffeured-services company that will bring you lots of positive emotions as free bonus. View Testimonials.

Corporate transportation is our core business and we have been providing ground transportation services since 1993. The reputation of OTRA is characterized by our clients, world-renowned companies, that are using company’s services during the time. View Portfolio.

Our nonsmoking chauffeurs, who know the social norms of the business world, drive cars of popular brands without OTRA logos. Is English your native language? Oh, it’s super! Welcome!

Importantaspect! Offering our services only to companies, we have learned every point of reporting system. We give you detailed invoice with the periodicity which you require and take into account all your wishes in relation to the design of invoice.

Punctuality is the politeness of kings and key principle of our work

The drivers of OTRA corporate taxi service move around the city with confidence. Traffic jam? This is not a problem for those, who know alternative routs. Our vehicles always arrive in time and we want to retain this high service level.

Our dispatchers note all details of your reservation. Everything will be done the way you want.

Driver’s experience + Operational vehicle = Ride safety

The drivers, who have more than 10 years of driving experience, work for you. Our fleet includes comfort, business and VIP cars, buses and minibuses. All our vehicles are not older than three years. We have made everything to guarantee your safety. All you have to do is to make the right choice and start using our corporate taxi service in Moscow.

You can choose most favorable method of payment. There are the following methods: payment by bank card VISA, MasterCard, AmericanExpress in the car, online payment on our website, cash or non-cash payment.

Would you like to check everything personally before making a contract? Free test tripis the easiest way to do it. Call us and enjoy your trip!

W. Edwards Deming, one of the founders of the American Society for Quality Control:

“End the practice of awarding business on the basis of a price tag. Instead, minimize total cost. Move toward a single supplier for any one item, on a long-term relationship of loyalty and trust.”

QUALITY  - ОТRА guarantees provision of high-quality service. If the client does not like the quality of rendered services, he/she shall not pay for it
RELIABILITY - Ordering a car in ОТRА, you may be sure that the car will be provided on time, at the agreed price and to the place you need. If the trip fails through our fault, we will pay you its cost according to our rates
SAFETY - We use only new cars of popular manufacturers meeting all European safety standards. All passengers are insured
You can book a taxi immediately call us +7 495 601-5-601 or Online Order


  1. Additional services, which are paid in basic tariff separately, are included in corporate tariff as free bonus.

  2. In Moscow corporate taxi service is for our clients cheaper than basic tariff service, including private executive trips.

  3. In tariff “corporate” rates are NOT subject to change, depending on time of the day and day of the week.

  4. The compliment from our company – if you reserve corporate car class “comfort”, corporate car class “business” will arrive to you on average every fifth time at the price of car class “comfort”.

Benefits from Corporate Car Service for Company or How to Cut Down Expenses for Transport

Nowadays you can hardly find Russian or especially foreign company that has its own car fleet. Employees of reputable companies take almost every business trip by corporate taxi. Why?

Modern businessmen have a rational approach to solving any problem. Almost every business has a high level of competition, so every company is trying to optimize its costs. In addition, an employee focus on the core activities contributes to the significant increase in work efficiency and leads consequently to prosperity of a company. It makes sense to delegate minor activities to other market participants. The advantages of this approach are obvious - reduction in the number of employees and in financial costs, increase in productivity and mobility.

Using own cars for company’s activities takes much efforts, time and money. If the company has its own car fleet, it will have the following expense items:

  • daily management;
  • lease payments;
  • driver salaries;
  • maintenance;
  • parking places;
  • insurance;
  • litigation (in case of car accident).

Corporate taxi service allows you to avoid the abovementioned financial expenses and problems. While cooperating with a transport company, you will be able to control all transport expenses, viewing at the end of the month detailed reports with specification of all trips. Besides, expenses for the corporate taxi service may be twice lower than ones for maintenance of own car fleet.

How to Select a Proper Corporate Taxi Service?

Human nature is so organized that many try to save money while selecting a corporate taxi service and prefer transport companies offering the lowest price. What will you get? You will get the oldest and cheapest cars with low safety level, low-skilled staff, mostly consisting of guest workers. As a result: regular breakdowns, bad dispatching control and logistics. The most important thing – it is unsafe. Select thoroughly a company that will be responsible for the transportation of your employees. Health and people’s lives may become the payment for questionable saving.

What other criteria may be used? Of course, service quality “for this money”, work experience and company’s reputation. TK OTRA corporate taxi service can be tested very easily. Free test trip:  1. Just call 2.Enjoy the trip!

Corporate Taxi Service in Moscow: Business Class Can Be Budget-friendly or Two Cars at Price of One.

In Moscow corporatebusiness class taxi service is in great demand. The social norms of the business world imply at least meeting of your business partners at airports and railroad stations. Many big companies have faced with the necessity in corporate transportation of employees, whose work involves frequent travelling. In this case the question arises, if company should buy a car for these purposes or use a business taxi service. Below we have compared the financial costs of owing a car with the expenses for TK OTRA corporate business class taxi service. A car of business class (E) of one of the Japanese brands, which has been produced in Russia, was taken as an example. The estimation was made on the main expense items but we excluded a payment for credits, unscheduled repairs and a recovery after an accident, etc. The calculations were made on the basis of official dealer prices (different costs were given in single lines based on difference in the trim level – basic and top). We suggest you to become familiar with these calculations.

We got considerable annual result. If you use TK OTRA service, you will be able to employ two similar cars (corporate business class taxi) for a regular job (five-day working week) or to take 3471 to 4756 rides per year or 14 to 19 trips a day.

 We draw your attention to the following fact: we not only accept single reservations, but also offer a beneficial cooperation on a long termcontractual basis. TK OTRA corporate taxi service means a personal approach to every client, reliable and suitable forms of cooperation, different methods of payment.

The choice is always yours!

Respectfully yours, «OTRA» (corporate taxi service)

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